U19 and U16 Information

Its over for 2015. Check back next March for spring information.

The Section 11 Playoffs will be held on 15 and 16 Nov. at Chapman Sports Park in Garden Grove. See the maps page for Google maps to the sites.


Age / GenderRegionCoach
U16 Boys117Grovsvenor

U16 Girls56Mullins

U19 Boys1335Perez/Vilanueva

U19 Girls143Fisher


Use this page for maps to the fields.
The venues page on schedulesetc does not contain maps.

The 2016 fall inter area K/E U16 & U19 game schedules are available.

The Area 11/K playoffs will be held on 6 Nov at Eddie West field, aka Santa Ana Statium, in Santa Ana.

The game schedule is:
Age GenderTime
U19 Boys9 AM
U19 Girls11 AM
U16 Boys1 PM
U16 Girls3 PM

The above link is only for those games held in Area K.

The complete U16 & U19 schedules are found on the Area E web site.

This schedule is subject to change. Especially in the first two weeks of the season. Please check the schedule weekly.

Late breaking news will be posted on the message board. Check this before each game.


Access the schedule site to sign up for U16 and U19 games held in Area K.

There is no referee scheduling mechanism for games outside of Area K.

Game scheduled in Area K are available to Area K referees on the above referee signup site. Referee scheduling for games outside of Area K are NOT handled by the above referee signup site.

To be able to sign up for games at this the site you must email your first name, last name, badge level, region and the highest level of boys and girls that you are capable of officiating to your regional referee administrator. You will receive a password which will allow you to log onto the schedule site to sign up for games. As for the coaches, please read the message board before any games for late breaking news.

The Diagonal System of Control (DSC) is the only approved method of refereeing approved for AYSO games. It is highly recommended that qualified three man referee teams be scheduled for all Area games but in the event that there are not three referees clubs linesmen should be used.

Player ID Cards

Laminated ID cards are required for all players and coaches who are involved in inter-region or inter-area play. The ID card must have a picture bearing a reasonable resemblance to the person and be signed by the regional commissioner. These cards are required at the first game. For Area K players and coaches, the ID card must be signed in non black ink. No card, no play nor coach. There is no grace period, none, nada, niet, no way, what part of the word NO do you not understand!

One of our regions (R55) have "special" ID cards for coaches. It is designed to make sure that their coaches are legit and have been Safe Haven Certified and age appropriate trained and approved by the region. The cards were presented to the Area Board and have been approved by the Area Director. They are to be accepted by all referees as legitimate IDs for all Area 11-K play.

Misconduct and Player ID Cards for Referees

If you send off a player or dismiss a coach do NOT retain the ID card.

If you send off a player or coach, please call the Area K Referee Administrator (you may obtain his phone number from your Regional Referee Administrator) on the day of the game and report (substitute coach for player where appropriate):

  • Player's name
  • Player's number
  • Player's team name
  • Player's area
  • Player's region
  • Reason for send off (for players there are only 7, these are enough, don't invent any more; for coaches there is only 1.)
  • Game date
  • Game time
  • Game field
  • Your name
  • Your phone number
  • Your email address
Fill out a game report for all misconduct (this is a microsoft word template) on the day of the game and email it to
  • The
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