U10, U12 and U14 Information

Use this page for maps to the fields.
The venues page on schedulesetc does not contain maps.

The fall 2015 intra area U14 schedules are available.

ID cards for players and coaches and assistant coaches are required at the first game. No exceptions. No card, no play, no coach.

Its over for fall 2014. Check back in March for spring info.

The 2013 Area 11/K league Champions are:
Age GenderRegionCoachTeam Picture
U10 Boys28Hamiltonclick here
U12 Boys56Allenclick here
U14 Boys517Niedermayerclick here
U10 Girls1335Muroclick here
U12 Girls28Hanhartclick here
U14 Girls56Hadleyclick here

The teams will be going to the section playoffs.

The Area 11/K U10 - U14 playoffs will be held on 5 & 6 Dec. 2015 at Dan Young. See the maps page for a Google map to the site.

Schedules are available.

There are 12 fields that will be used:

  • U10: fields 1 - 4
  • U12: fields 5 - 8
  • U14: fields 9 - 12

A jpg field map on the site is available.


Access the schedule site to sign up for League games.

Access the schedule site to sign up for League Playoff games.

To be able to sign up for games at this the site you must email your first name, last name, badge level, region and the highest level of boys and girls that you are capable of officiating to your regional referee administrator. You will receive a password which will allow you to log onto the schedule site to sign up for games.

The Diagonal System of Control (DSC) is the only approved method of refereeing approved for AYSO games. It is highly recommended that qualified three man referee teams be scheduled for all Area games but in the event that there are not three referees clubs linesmen should be used.

All players and coaches must have id cards. Information on id cards is available here.

See this page for misconduct reporting.

For Referees, All intra region referee assignments are handled by the region's referee assignment mechanism.

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