Fall Registration

Registration for fall soccer takes place in Area 11/K throughout the spring and summer. Some of the Region's registration information, date, time place, is presented here along with a link to the Region's web page where you can find more information.

AYSO divides kids up into two year age groups. For example, kids that are 8 and 9 play in the Under 10 age group. The date of age determination is 1 Aug. Take a look at the age chart to determine which group your kid plays in.

There are seven regions in Area 11/K. You correctly ask which region should I register with? First, you may register with any region you choose. Your choice may depend on the age of your kids, where your live and what school your kids attend.

Young kids, i. e., under 10, usually play within their region. So picking a region close to your home may be appropriate.

Older kids, i. e., under 12 and under 14, usually play within Area 11/K, so a region close to your home may not be as important as the school your kid attends.

Really old kids, i. e., U16 and U19, play in many areas. Games will be held in North Orange County to South Orange County. Also games will be held in East Los Angeles County. No guidance is available.

To help you with geographical decisions, an interactive map of Area K with the Area's boundaries and all of the Region's boundaries may be found here.

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Region 5: Fountain Valley, South East Westminster, south Garden Grove.

Region 55: north Huntington Beach.

Region 56: South Huntington Beach.

Region 117: east Huntington Beach.

Region 143: west Huntington Beach, Westminster.

Region 517: Santa Ana.

Region 1335: Orange, Villa Park.

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