Why Be A Referee?A Properly Attired Referee
Bill Hinds in his cartoon of 26 Aug 09, Cleats, says it well:
Reg Smythe in his cartoon of 2 Oct 11 provides a different viewpoint:


New position on Heading

See the coach page for more information.

Region Referee Administrators

The names, email address and postal address for the Area K Region Referee Administrators are:

Region 5 Referee Administrator
Region 55 Referee Administrator
Region 56 Referee Administrator
Region 117 Referee Administrator
Region 143 Referee Administrator 16458 Bolsa Chica, PMB 568
Huntington Beach 92649
Region 517 Referee Administrator
Region 1335 Referee Administrator

Other Area Referee People

The names, and email addresses for the Area K Referee People are:

Area Referee Administrator
Area Director of Instruction
Area Director of Assessment
Area Director of Mentoring

Uniform Interpretation
"Writers and critics are constantly demanding 'uniform interpretation of the Laws by referees'. If we expect ever to get a uniform APPLICATION of the Laws of the game, we are deluding ourselves - this does not depend only on a knowledge of the Laws and of 'official decisions' but it depends on character and temperament. And character and temperament, and moral course, all of which are at the core of the problem, differ in human beings." "Referees are basically honest and impartial, but they do react differently to situations."
-- Sir Stanley Rous
September 1969

From a lecture to UEFA Referees' Conference

Sir Stanley was the reorganizer of the LOTG in 1938 to its current ordering; then FIFA president.

Thanks to Ferenc & Sandy Korompai (korompai*no*spam*@MSN.COM) for the quote.

Referee Respect

Rodney Dangerfield's classic line was : "I don't get no respect." Here is a site with t-shirts, sweatshirts, caps and other stuff printed with ref-centered sayings to counter the 3 blind mice image. I hope you'll check it out. If referees wore such shirts expressing pride or attitude, maybe we'd get a bit more respect.

Thanks to Jim Gordon for the link.


In many communications in the referee community various acronyms are used. The meaning is not always known. Here is a list of some acronyms:
AIG: Additional Instructions and Guidelines
AR: Assistant Referee
ATR: Advice To Referees (now defunct, 2016)
CK: Corner Kick
CRE: Careless, Reckless, or with Excessive force
DB: Dropped Ball
DFK: Direct Free Kick
DFUMG: Don't Foul Up My Game
DOGSO: Deny Obvious Goal Scoring Opportunity
DP: Disciplinary Panel, Dangerous Play
DRE: Delaying Restart
ELC: Entry Level Clinic
FIFA: Federation Internationale de Football Association
FK: Free Kick (also IFK and DFK; indirect and direct)
FOP: Field Of Play
FRD: Failure to Respect Distance
FT: Full Time
GK: Goal Keeper, Goal Kick
GTP: Guide to Procedures
HT: Half Time
IFK: Indirect Free Kick
INDFK: Indirect Free Kick
ITOOTR: In The Opinion Of The Referee
KFTM: Kicks From The Mark
KO: Kick Off
LOAF: Laws Of Association Football
LOTG: Laws Of The Game
NFHS: National Federation of State High School Associations
OFFINABUS: Offensive, Insulting, or Abusive Language
OGSO: Obvious Goal Scoring Opportunity
OIAL: Offensive, Insulting or Abusive Language
PA: Penalty Area
PI: Persistent Infringement
PIADM: Playing In A Dangerous Manner
PK: Penalty Kick
RC: Red Card
ROC: Rules of Competition
SA: Situational Awareness
SAR: Senior Assistant Referee
SFP: Serious Foul Play
SOTG: Spirit Of The Game
SOTL: Spirit Of The Law
TI: Throw In
TRIAR: The Referee Is Always Right
USB: Unsporting Behavior
USSF: United States Soccer Federation
WISL: World Indoor Soccer League
YC: Yellow Card
YHTBT: You Had To Be There
YMMV: Your Milage May Vary
YSL: Youth Soccer League
UB: Unsporting Behavior
USB: Unsporting Behavior
WIR: Week In Review (US Soccer)

Refereee Classes

The Referee Classes in Area K are shown on the Referee Classes page.

Safe Haven Training

If you completed the Safe Haven training prior to July 2011, you get to do it again. Here is a link. You will need your AYSO ID number.

Concussion Training

The AYSO National Office, National Board of Directors and Concussion Task Force encourage all coaches, referees, and Section, Area and Region Board Members to take the CDC's free online Concussion Awareness Training.

AYSO Training now features the CDC's Concussion Awareness Training module. Upon completion of this course, your certification will automatically be updated in eAYSO. You will need your AYSO ID to access the training page. After you logon, click on Start Now at the bottom of the Safe Haven box. Always print your completion certificate in case eayso drops the ball.

The AYSO training link is here.

If you encounter problems with the AYSO Training link, a direct link to the CDC site is here.

USSF Instructions for Referees

The United States Soccer Federation has published its latest Instruction To Referees.

USSF has published a Revised Procedure (pdf, 78 kB) for flag signals concering penalties occuring in the Penalty area.

Law Changes

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) held its Annual General Meeting to discuss law changes. The results of this meeting are available in the referee reference library. Note that these changes do not go into effect until the beginning of the fall season.

Enforcing the Required Distance

The methods to enforce the required distance on free kicks has changed. See the new interpretation in the referee reference library.

Misconduct Form

21 Mar 09. Caution drop down list is consistent.

The attached Microsoft Word template (78 kB) is the AYSO misconduct report. Right click the link to download it. Put it in where ever your word templates live (on a windows machine C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Templates, or search for and put it where lives). To use the template, open a new word document by clicking on File and choosing New (clicking the new document icon on the toolbar does not present the template choice step) and select this template. Email the form to the appropriate referee administrator. See above for Area K referee administrator email addresses.

If you do not have Microsoft Word, a pdf version is available (22 kB). Right click to download it. Print it and fill it out. Mail the form to the appropriate referee administrator. You will have to contact your RRA to get his USPS address.

EXTRA Games: Match reporting for Section 11 Extra games is different. In addition to filing the above misconduct report, you must also file a MatchTrak report. The MatchTrak form is available here.
Contact your Regional Referee Administrator if you need access to this site.

Area K has established, in 2008 - 2009, some rules for sent off players and, although not written, for the referee of the next game. See section 14.10 of the Area 11 K Rules and Regulations. What you as the referee must do is report the presentation of the suspended player to the Area Referee Administrator. Include the player's name, jersey number and team information (age, gender, region, coach name).

FIFA has requested more information on game reports when a sendoff is involved. USSF has published a memo (pdf, 65k) on this topic. Every referee should read this memo. Game reports, especially those involving sendoffs, must contain sufficient information to justify the sendoff.

It is possible, under very limited circumstances, to recind a card given for misconduct. Read the USSF publications, one published in 2003 (pdf, 82k) and one published in 2008 (pdf, 27k) for more information.

Pregame Instructions

Need an idea of what to cover in Pre-game instructions to the Asistant Referees?. Gil Weber's Pre-game is available.

Referee Upgrade Forms

Many forms are needed in the referee upgrade process. You will find them all here. All of the forms are in Adobe pdf.

The principle form is Referee Upgrade Application. (70 kB)

For assessments the candidate should read these tip sheets:

The assessor will need the following forms, and it is the candidate's duty to supply these forms to the assessor:

The physical test requirements are listed here (14 kB).

The mentor checklist is provided (66 kB).

Assessors will need to provide the following to their mentor: Assessor Upgrade Aplication (19 kB).

The assessor requirements are given here (22 kB)

Reference Library

Many documents needed by referees may be found in the reference library.

Ask a Soccer Referee
Answers to Laws of the Game
and Practical Refereeing Questions
Jim Allen, National Instructor Staff/National Assessor
Assisted by Dan Heldman, National Instructor Staff

To view recent answers to questions on the Laws of the game, or to ask a question yourself, visit Ask A Referee

From the Ask A Referee site:
April 18, 2012

It is with great regret that we announce that will alter operations for the foreseeable future. It has been a wonderful four years since we transferred the service from to and almost 15 years since the service began at Thanks to all our readers for their support and encouragement over that period. We will continue to post occasional answers to questions, but they will not bear the official approval of the U. S. Soccer Federation. All answers will go out privately, but most will not be published on the site; that has been our practice since the service began. All answers currently posted on the site (i.e., through 16 April 2012) have the approval of the Federation — that is fact and cannot be changed by removal of the US Soccer logo, etc. A fifteen-year record of accurate, dependable, and authoritative answers is now history. That is something no one else in this country can claim.

This quote from a message to me from Ryan Mooney of US Soccer will explain some of the reasons behind their and our decision: “The decision has been made to currently suspend . . . U.S. Soccer’s involvement with the service you have previously provided for us.

“In connection with this, we ask that you please remove the U.S. Soccer Referee Department logo and all language on the website,, related to answers being issued in coordination with and approved by the U.S. Soccer Federation’s National Program for Referee Development.

“Your past service and contribution is greatly appreciated and I regret that we have decided to move in another direction.

“Thank you for your patience as we have extensively reviewed the matter internally.”

If readers have further questions regarding the reason for this action, please direct them to Mr. Mooney at USSF.

Jim Allen

Referee Mail List

A Referee mail list is available for those of you who wish to obtain a wide varity of opinions on a wide array of referee topics. There is no cost. There are 30 to 50 messages a day; more on days with something significant to the referee community. This is not the official voice of FIFA, USSF nor AYSO. The list is populated mostly by United States referees but there are contributors from Canada, the Bahamas, Australia and New Zealand. There are some very good referees on the list that offer considered and well formed opinions. The list can sometimes be brutal to the referee who offers and maintains an incorrect position. The newby to the list is advised to lurk for a month.

To subscribe to the Soccer Referees list, send email with the body of the mail containing

Alternatively, you can go to the web site to do everything.

Once you are a member of the Soccer Referee list, order a user manual by sending email with the body containing the text:

Referee Badge Levels

AYSO has changed the badge levels in summer 2003. There are still five referee badges:

  1. U8 Referee (new)
  2. Referee (same as before)
  3. Intermediate Referee (used to be Area)
  4. Advanced Referee (used to be Section)
  5. National (combined N2 and N1)


Area 11/K has a facebook page. You can access it at

The webmaster does not maintain the page and knows nothing about it. Please don't contact me about it.

The only thing I know is that it takes a long long time to load. After a couple of minutes waiting for the page to load I gave up.

Acrobat Reader

You can obtain an Acrobat reader at no cost here.


Here is a solution in search of a problem: a form for recording the results of KFTM.

All one needs is a sheet of paper with two columns, one for each team. You write the jersey number followed by a 0 or a 1. Simple.

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