New Heading Policy ( Feb 2016 )

AYSO Has issued a policy on heading.

As of 31 Aug 2016 AYSO has changed its position of the restart. See the heading policy document for more information.

Tom Bobadilla (National Referee Program Administrator) wrote:

In summary, it's (now) just like all other indirect free kicks. If it's in the GOAL area for the attack (going in), move to the spot on the GOAL area line parallel to the goal line and nearest the point of infraction. If it's in the GOAL area for the defense (going out), restart at any point in the GOAL area. Anywhere else (including in the penalty area outside of the goal area), restart at the spot where the player deliberately touched the ball with his or her head.

Coach Courses

See the Training Academy page for coach courses offered at the Area 11 K Training Academy.

The names and email address for the Area K Region Coach Administrators are:

Region 5 Coach Administrator
Region 55 Coach Administrator
Region 56 Coach Administrators
Region 117 Coach Administrator
Region 143 Coach Administrator
Region 517 Coach Administrator
Region 1335 Coach Administrator

Area Rules and Regulations

The Area K Rules and Regulations may be found here.

Incident (Injury) Report

The AYSO Incident (Injury) report form is available in pdf (294 kB).

Concussion Training
See the information on the Referee page.

How To Mark a Field

I watched and helped a number of people last weekend (29 Apr 06) mark a field. They had no clue of how to mark a field. This prompted me to create this presentation (ver 1.5) of the steps to mark a field. It is available in Power Point (144 kb) and Adobe PDF (96 kb). Hope you find it helpful (webmaster).

The Regional and U-Little Coach Courses

No information available. These courses are usually offered in the July and Aug. Check back nex May / June.

Region 143: Huntington Beach
ClassDateTimePlaceRoster in eayso
U1215 May 201612:30 - 5:30 PM Meadow View201601356
Region 517: Santa Ana
U105 Sept 20159:30 AM - 12:00 AM McFadden
U125 Sept 201512 PM - 5:30 PM McFadden
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