Calendar of Events

The upcoming events in Area K are (dates and times subject to change) (Where locations are mentioned, see the maps page):

Extra roster additions deadline 30 Sept
Vip TournyVista Hermosa Sports Park 16 Oct.all day
Area 11/K BOD MtgTBD 24 Oct7 PM
Section 11 u16-U19 tournyTBD 12, 13 Novall day
Area 11/K u16-U19 playoffsEddie West Field 6 Novall day
Area 11/K BOD MtgTBD 28 Nov7 PM
League playoffsDan Young 3 and 4 Decall day
Section 11 Extra TournyVarious 10, 11 Decall day
Area 11/K BOD MtgTBD 26 Dec7 PM
All Star playoffsTBD 14 & 15 Jan
21 & 22 Jan
Rain date: 28 Jan
all day
Area 11/K BOD MtgTBD 30 Jan7 PM
Section 11 U10-U14
League Playoffs
TBD 11, 12 Feball day
Section 11 U10-U14
All StarPlayoffs
TBD 18, 19 Feball day
Area 11/K BOD MtgTBD 27 Feb7 PM
ExpoLas Vegas 3-5 MarAll day
Western States ChampionshipsCarson City 25,26 MarAll day
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