The Area 11/K U10 - U14 all star games will be held on 16, 17, & 23, 24 Jan. 2016 at Dan Young. See the maps page for a Google map to the site.

A jpg map to the fields is available

Player ID Cards

Laminated ID cards are required for all players and coaches who are involved in inter-region or inter-area play. The ID card must have a picture bearing a reasonable resemblance to the person and be signed by the regional commissioner. These cards are required at the first game. For Area K players, coaches and asst. coaches the ID card must be signed in non black ink. No card, no play, no coach, no exceptions. There is no grace period, none, nada, niet, no way; what part of the word NO do you not understand!

One of our regions (R55) have "special" ID cards for coaches. They are designed to make sure that their coaches are legit and have been Safe Haven Certified and age appropriate trained and approved by the region. The cards were presented to the Area Board and have been approved by the Area Director. They are to be accepted by all referees as legitimate IDs for all Area 11-K play.


The schedules for 2015 - played in 2016 - are available.

The referee signups are available


The Winners for the 2015 season (games played in jan 2016) are:

Age / GenderRegionCoach

The teams will be going to the section playoffs.

The Silver standings are:
Age / SexRegionCoach
U10G 56 Crowley
U10B 56 Peterson
U12G 55 Cooley
U12B 117 gandall

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